Uniform Policy

Woodbridge School District Uniform Dress Code Policy Statement

Basic Uniform

All Clothing is Solid Color

Navy Blue or Khaki Pants, Walking Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, Jumpers or Dresses

  1. Blue jeans and sweatpants are NOT permitted.
  2. Shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers or dresses must be respectable and modest in length.
    (Modest in length is defined as the width of the student’s hand from the bottom of the article of clothing to the top of their bended knee)
  3. A solid color belt must be worn if pants or shorts have belt loops.
  4. Clothing items must be worn at the natural waist.
  5. Inappropriate belt buckles are not permitted.

White, Light Blue, Navy Blue or Gray Shirts or Blouses

  1. All shirts and blouses must have a collar and must be tucked in.
  2. Only top button can be unbuttoned.
  3. Turtlenecks, mock and regular, polo shirts, and button-down shirts are permitted.                          
  4. Sleeveless shirts or t-shirts are NOT permitted.
  5. Anything designated as an undergarment, camisoles, for example, or undershirts, cannot be revealed.  Ties are acceptable, but not mandatory.
  6. No skin should be visible between the waistband of the pants and the bottom of the shirt.

Navy Blue, Light Blue, White, Gray Crewneck, V-Neck, Cardigan Style Sweaters or Crewneck Style Sweatshirts

  1. All long sleeve solid navy blue, light blue, white or gray crewneck, v-neck or cardigan sweaters, fleece, or crewneck sweatshirts must be worn with a white, light blue, navy blue or gray collared shirt, turtleneck, or blouse.
  2. Hooded apparel is not permitted.

Woodbridge School District provided attire is acceptable or uniforms of approved student organizations.

  1. Competition jersey attire.

Appropriate physical education attire is determined by the physical education teacher.

  1. Cut-offs, frayed seams and holes are not permitted on any clothing.  Hats, head coverings, visors, scarves/bandanas, combs/picks and sunglasses may not be worn in the building.


  1. Shoes must be navy blue, black, or brown in color; no open heel permitted.
  2. Sneakers are acceptable in any color.
  3. Clogs, flip-flops, and bedroom slippers are NOT permitted.
  4. Shoes must be securely fastened.


  1. Solid color white, tan, black, gray, natural or navy blue socks, tights, pantyhose or stockings may be worn


  1. Procurement may come from multiple vendors who meet the basic requirements as stated above;
  2. The Woodbridge School District will also provide order forms from a sole source vendor and/or internet provider.
  3. Clothing must be sized to fit the student.

FIRST READING:    12/16/03                     FIRST READING:       4/22/08
SECOND READING:  3/2/04                       SECOND READING:   5/6/08
BOARD APPROVED: 3/2/04                       BOARD APPROVED:  5/6/08
FIRST READING:       3/21/06
FIRST READING:       5/8/07