Welcome to Ms. Cook's Classroom at Phillis Wheatley Middle School

It is time once again to begin a new school year and exciting things will be happening here at PWMS!  Sixth grade is a whole new experience and one that I am sure with which you will find much success!  This year you will begin a new math curriculum, Connected Mathematics 2, that will carry through until you leave the 8th grade.  Much of our work will be collaborative; that is, you get to work with a partner or small group on many assignments.  You will have homework, assessments, and projects to complete that will show just what you have learned in each of our units. The following is a summary of the units of study for Grade 6:

Prime Time


Students will determine factors and multiples of whole numbers and find the greatest common factor of two numbers. Numbers will be written in prime factorization and classified as odd, even, prime or composite. 

Bit and Pieces I

The focus of this unit is to understand, compare, apply and connect fractions, decimals and percents. 

Shapes and Designs

Students will learn about parts of polygons (angles and sides), how parts of polygons are related, and important properties.  Children will determine the properties of shapes that can be used to tile a surface.  Symmetry of squares, rectangles, parallelograms and equilateral triangles will be explored.  Techniques for measuring angles will be developed. 

Bits and Pieces II

Rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions will be developed and applied. 

Covering and Surrounding

Strategies for finding perimeter (the number of units needed to surround a two dimensional shape) and area (the number of units needed to cover a two dimensional shape) will be developed. 

Bits and Pieces III

Students will apply rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals and compute with percents.  

How Likely Is It?

An understanding of experimental and theoretical probabilities will be used to make predictions.